Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Peter Härnstam AB

Peter Härnstam AB will process your personal information as you participate in regular training, weekend courses or temporary training. This also includes other customers to Peter Härnstam AB. We will process your name, your address, your Swedish social security number, horse/es information and your e-mail address mainly to be able to submit information to you regarding training and other activities organized by Peter Härnstam AB. We use our website and social media for information on current events in Peter Härnstam AB where there can be photographs and videos of riders and horses.

Peter Härnstam AB is personally responsible for processing your personal data (“personal data”) in connection with participation in training and other activities organized by Peter Härnstam AB. Personal Data includes any information you provide directly or indirectly through your application, such as your first and last name, postal address, Swedish social security number, e-mail address, mobile phone number and information about horses and other personal data necessary for the administration of your participation in training, as a customer and other activities with Peter Härnstam AB

Peter Härnstam AB will store and process personal information for administering training, sending information and other activities organized by the company. The provision of personal data is a necessity for the accounting and ongoing information about activities in the company. If you have agreed to receive direct marketing, such as newsletters, emails, text messages, or social media updates regarding results, etc. from us, we will process your contact information for this purpose for a longer period of time.

Your personal data will be stored for the duration of your training, other activities, and as a regular or temporary customer, and during such subsequent period of time as necessary for Peter Härnstam AB to fulfill his obligations towards you as a student and/or customer

You have the right to request free information about your personal data processed by Peter Härnstam. If you want such information, please send an e-mail to Should your personal information be incorrect or has been treated in violation of current legislation, you are entitled to request that your personal information be corrected, blocked or deleted. You are also entitled to be forgotten.

Consent to use name and image in advertising

During Peter Härnstam AB’s ongoing and temporary courses, clinics, training sessions and other activities, rides and other events can be documented and photographed through still images and moving images. You are hereby reminded that, through your participation in the activities organized, you may be photographed or filmed in different contexts. Peter Härnstam, as well as sponsors and partners, may use this image material in their communication and marketing. By participating in Peter Härnstam AB’s activities, you hereby agree that Peter Härnstam may use images of you in his marketing in accordance with Swedish law (1978: 800) concerning name and image in advertising.