The Team

Behind every successful rider there is always a strong team. My team is invaluable to me and I am incredibly grateful to have so many professional and good people around me.


Louise “Lussan” Nathorst

Lussan has been my trainer since 2009. To have the privilege of having Lussan as my trainer and sounding board means a lot to me not only as a rider but also as a trainer. Lussan has given me a new perspective, new tools and a new way of looking at Dressage and when training horses and students. Lussan with her interest for the continuous development of Dressage and with her incredible intuitive feeling, her calmness and ability to teach students, makes her one of the best Dressage trainers in the world.


Florian Lackner and his team

Florian has been my veterinarian since 2011. Han has many strengths and often thinks ”outside the box” finding new solutions. Also, he is not afraid to consult colleagues when solving problems to find the best solution for each horse. Florian with his team at the clinic are an invaluable support for me and my horses and their development.


Jessica Larnö & Equifys

Since 2016, I have had a lot of assistance from Jessica when it comes to physical therapy on my horses. To find possible health issues in time and to work with preventative healthcare instead of treating injuries is very important to me. Jessica with her many years of experience of sport horses at all levels has a wealth of experience, knowledge and feel for the horse and its physique. Jessica complements my veterinarian Florian very well and they have a very close dialogue.


Anders Norrman

Anders has been my farrier since 2016. Anders is extremely competent being very thorough and is a full-fledged perfectionist. He is always open to new thinking and solutions and always look to the welfare of the horse. In addition, he is very customer-oriented and professional.


Susanne Hällström 

To me, the horse’s wellbeing is both psychologically and physically very important. I always put the horses and their health first, nothing must be left to chance. To my assistance I have my invaluable groom; Susanne Hällström. She take care of my horses in an exemplary manner, seven days a week all year long. They notice everything and know the horses inside out, which makes me as a rider feel very secure.

Eyes on the ground/sounding board

Lisa Hermansson

Lisa has been my student since 2008 and we have since then worked closely as student – trainer. In the past few years she has also become a great sounding board and has been my “eyes on the ground” when I ride and train my horses. We meet every week for training and are a great team.

Mental coach

Marianne Willen

Marianne has been my mentor and coach since 2001. We had a very close cooperation for the first 6 years and we still meet on occasions. Marianne has meant a lot to me as a person, rider, trainer, father and partner. She has taught me to set goals, keep focus, plan and to prioritize better.

Equestrian Style by GS

Gunilla Stener

Gunilla has been invaluable to me when it comes to saddles and fitting saddles. We have been cooperating since 2012 and the cooperation has become closer over the years. Gunilla is also a great support to me as a trainer as we often check saddles and how they fit. I ride in ERREPLUS saddles since 2013 and am very happy with the comfort and fit.


Helena Strömbäck & Robert Kos

I have worked with Helena Strömbäck & Robert Kos of Stierna Equestrian Sportswear since 2016.
They provide me with top class Equestrian Sportswear. It is super important for me to keep warm, dry and fresh during a long day with horses. I have always been very selective with the clothes I wear when I train and ride and with Stierna I am more than happy.


Lars Jonsson, Ebba and Erik Härnstam

If you are to make a career within Equestrian Sports, it takes a dedicated family that will support you to 100% and I am fortunate to have this. Lars is a great sounding board when it comes to running my businesses and a strong and understanding supporter to my career as a Dressage rider and Trainer. Ebba and Erik, my children are both very supportive and I always appreciate their tips and advice. Ebba also shares my interest in horses and whenever possible, is happy to be my eyes on the ground during training and competition.