Team Riders with Peter Härnstam

In order to move up to Grand Prix, a lot of training and dedication are required for both trainer and rider. It assumes that you have good horse material and that you have a “team” around you and your horse/s. As your trainer and coach, I want to assist you and your horse to get the best possible conditions for going all the way to Grand Prix.

I carefully select which riders will be my Team riders. To be selected, requirements and criteria are high and also for remaining on the team. One condition for being a Team rider is that you train frequently, have high set goals and that you, together with your horse, have the potential to reach Grand Prix.

In order to be selected, I should have me as your main trainer/coach and you are expected to perform well and follow your set goals both in competition and during training. Members of the Team can be exchanged on a regular basis; combinations may leave, and new ones may be offered to join. Team riders will be offered extra help with their training and can also get help at shows.

Below is a short presentation of current Team Riders

Alexandra Wikner Andersson

  • Born 2008
  • e:Highcruiser – Gaugain De Lilly
  • Competing Intermediaire II, trained against Grand Prix 2019
  • Born 2011
  • e: Sir Oldenburg – Florencio 1
  • Competing Intermediaire I, trained against Grand Prix 2020

Cecilia Jonasson

  • Born 2010
  • e Lord Laurie – Granulit
  • Competing Intermediaire I, trained against Intermediaire II 2020

Lisa Hermansson

KS Solist
  • Born 2012
  • e Son Der Sonne – D’Olympic.
  • Competing M, trained against Intermediaire I 2020