Equestrian Business Consultant

Companies and non-profit organizations today have difficulties finding profitability in their business due to high costs. It is important to look at the equestrian industry from a business perspective, which means reviewing the cost structure to balance income and expenses. There are many who compete for the market today and I can help you see opportunities and perspectives for your business.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of assisting several different players in the equestrian industry, ranging from Riding Schools to small and large companies.


  • Identify the organization’s strong and weak sides. Use the strong sides optimally and work on weaknesses in a professional and innovative manner
  • Evaluate the business, finding new financial opportunities and to fully capitalize on these
  • Analyze the organization and working methods
  • Review agreements with suppliers and other partners
  • Strengthen the organization’s education and skills
  • Manage operations through defined key figures towards set goals
  • Offer consultation, coaching and support to develop your business

“With the right balance and control over business and organization, a company can develop positively and prosper, which adds value to the customer.
It’s stimulating to see businesses and people grow in what they do, together everyone can do something good!”

Please contact me for advice, tips and to schedule a consultation.